Having been encouraged by my mother at a young age to draw to relieve my boredom, I seemed forever after driven to create. Much of my youth was spent in my bedroom drawing portraits of movie stars and making clothes for myself. Deciding at the age of 12, on a career where I may combine both these passions, I set about achieving my goal and have since enjoyed a long and successful career as a costume designer and maker, working in Opera, Ballet, Theatre, Contemporary Dance, Circus, and Performance Art. All the while continuing to explore and expand my creative horizons.

An invitation in late 2013 by a friend to participate in a group show, on the condition that I draw, ignited not only excitement but also much fear. Having not picked up a pencil since the birth of my child 6 years previous, I took quite a bit of convincing but saying yes has proved to be the right answer. And I have not looked back.

As with my costume designs, my work is detailed and precise. It tells of personally emotional travels through the use of out rightly overt signs and underlying subtle symbolism with the ever present darkness in the background always reminding us to keep looking forward (or not!). 

After 3 successful group shows in 2014, I am excited to say that I will have my first solo show at "Lethbridge Gallery" in Brisbane Australia in August 2015. So while continuing to work as a costume designer and maker on a freelance basis, I am now concentrating on the next phase of my career as an artist.

And with this in mind, I hope you enjoy my work.